Accepting gifts from a stranger

A few months ago I decided to go against everything every mother has ever said, and sent a stranger on the internet my home address, in order for them to send me a box of treats as part of the UK Vegan Food Swap.

It was great, so I have continued being a part of it!

I’m not sure what I prefer more, picking out the treats to send to my swappee – usually always sweet treats, usually something that I can pass off as healthy-ish (though by now you may know my definition of “healthy” is slightly dubious), and often things that I have been eyeing up for ages and never actually been able to justify treating myself to – or discovering my own box of new taste sensations. Though when I receive my box, I would definitely say that is my favourite part of the whole operation!

So I was thrilled to receive my little parcel of goodness from Emma, who unfortunately does not have a blog I can link to. It came in the middle of a very long, busy, and stressful week, and was just what I needed to throw some excitement back into my life!

UK Vegan Food Swap January 2013

Lovely Emma sent me a box of Merchant Gourmet Puy Lentils, a packet of Neals Yard Sesame Sticks, a bag of Neals Yard Toasted Corn Snacks, a bag of Neals Yard Salted Pretzels, a packet of lunchbox-sized Moo Free Mini Moos bars, a bar of Raw Chocolate Company Organic Raw Chocolate with Goji Berries and Orange, Humdinger Dairy Free White Chocolate Buttons, a Rhubarb & Custard Nakd Bar, and a Raw Chocolate Festive Pie.

I have already devoured the Nakd bar, which was just perfect for a late evening event at work – surprised at how much rhubarb flavour it offered, though slightly perplexed at the fact that there isn’t any actual rhubarb in it!

Really excited to try the Raw Chocolate “Pie” as I have often eyed them up in the shops and never really been able to find a reason to treat myself, and so happy to have received a Raw Chocolate Company bar as I really love raw chocolate but, again, can’t really justify the cost of them. Plus I haven’t tried that one so I’m looking forward to reviewing that in my Raw Chocolate section – only two more products to review until I hit 50!

Also really nice to have some good quality Puy lentils to cook something nice with, and also having some savoury snacks for those moments when my sweet tooth is waving a white flag.

I will post up some reviews of the products as I much my way through them – I think this week’s lack of sleep and consequently slightly sub-par training has screwed my body up a little bit, my stomach is a bit unhappy this weekend and my appetite is all over the place, and I have put on a little bit of weight; only half a kilo or so but enough for it to cause me some discomfort when training – so although I am desperate to taste everything I am having to wait a little until I will really enjoy them properly.

In the meantime, thank you Emma, and thank you Mitsu and Sasha for organising! If you’re not part of a Vegan Food Swap yet, sign up – whether you’re vegan or not!