she // he

I love that feeling of being inspired.

Not doing something because you know it needs to be done. Not doing something because you think you should probably do it. Not doing something because somebody told you to do it. Doing something because something inside you said, yes, this is something I want to do, this is something that makes sense to me.

That’s what I thought when I read Christina’s heartwarming blog post which in turn was inspired by Erika’s post of (almost) the same name.

Now I try to keep things on here as relevant as possible to veganism, fitness and health – but I thought, life is about more than training and nutrition. I wouldn’t be able to train and enjoy healthy food if I hadn’t learnt to enjoy the little things in life. And I certainly wouldn’t be able to train and achieve what I achieve in the gym without Ben. After all, we met in the gym, and possibly the only reason we see each other on weekdays in busy weeks is because I train in the gym where he works.

So it all made sense. But it will make even more sense if I keep it health, fitness, and training-related – and hopefully it inspires people not only to keep this chain of lovingly appreciative posts going, but also to treat their bodies and livelihoods right, regardless of whether they see themselves as a fit, active, health-nut or not.

she is a personal trainer // he is a strength and conditioning coach and physiotherapist

she likes to roll around on wrestling mats // he likes to jump over hurdles

she drinks unsweetened green tea // he drinks tea with milk and two sugars

she runs slowly and stubbornly // he runs (very) quickly and savagely

she likes dark chocolate // he does not like dark chocolate

she broke her foot // he fixed her foot

she puts on weight easily // he loses weight easily

she hates mornings // he really, really hates mornings

she tells herself she can’t go any faster, any harder // he tells her she can go faster, harder

she eats porridge for breakfast // he skips breakfast… or eats cheesecake

she tries her best // he makes her better than she thought she could be

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