Sunday thoughts

Well first I think Happy New Year wishes are in order!

This is how I saw in the first few hours of 2013:

Booja-Booja gourmet boxAnd drinking lots of delicious new Teavana teas: Ben brought me some White Ayurvedic Chai, Snow Geisha White, Monkey Picked Oolong, Body + Mind White and Peachberry Jasmine Sutra made up of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls, Green Rooibos, and a myriad of fruit pieces and flower petals – all beautifully presented in a very zen-looking box.

Teavana gift setJust what I need! Here’s to a healthy and happy 2013!

Scary how, just like that, back in London it is so much harder to sit down to write a post more than once a week. But I can’t neglect my Sunday thoughts so in the interest of a peaceful mind here we go with a roundup of all things good this week.

New things I have learnt this week

  1. I learnt from this TED talk that the old dilemma about ripping off a bandaid – do you do it fast and cause more pain but get it over and done with, or slowly and drag a little less pain out over a longer period of time? – is easily solved by the fact that the body has no way to measure duration of discomfort. So really, you are better off doing it slowly and causing yourself less pain. I have to say, related to training, I would indeed much rather spend longer doing a set number of reps, or running a set distance, than doing it faster. I had always thought this was the case, but tried to talk myself out of it, convincing myself to put up with the pain for a shorter amount of time. I will, however, have to continue to forget about this fact if I ever want to get good at what I do, which requires high levels of explosivity and short bursts of intense, lactic-inducing activity.

New things I have eaten this week

  1. Sweet Vegan Banana Marshmallows – very impressed with these! Wasn’t sure how they would turn out, or how I would like them as I’m not much of a sweet girl (much more of a chocolate and cake girl!), but found these really delicious. Light and airy, these aren’t too sweet and melt in your mouth. A really lovely treat which I’m sure would be delicious in hot chocolate!
  2. Moo Free Mini Moos Organic Sultana Chocolate Bars – well these are too cute for words. Sweet little lunchbox-sized bars of lovely sweet Moo Free chocolate with the added fun of sultanas hidden throughout. My only disappointment was that the sultanas aren’t sweet or flavourful enough to add much to the bar except texture, but as the chocolate is delicious enough on its own, and the packaging is so adorable, I can’t say I mind.
  3. Ben spontaneously made us vegan gluten-free pancakes this morning! For pancakes with no wheat, no dairy or soy, and no egg, these were really successful – I had mine with cinnamon and rice syrup so they were pretty as well as delicious. Such a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning before training!

Other highlights this week

  1. Giving Ben and his family their presents, and getting some fantastic ones from them too including lots of vegan treats, vegan mascara (waterproof too – no more panda eyes after training!) and comfortable warm lounging clothes.
  2. Spending a “school night” at a friend’s, drinking tea and eating chocolate and watching Girls, feeling like I used to before I had a job and bills and an Oyster card and a training routine.
  3. Getting back into training – I don’t seem to have lost too much of my previous strength and fitness, and I don’t have any extra weight to throw around, but just need to get faster again.
  4. Doing a 2-hour training session today, including a private grappling lesson crammed full of tips and new techniques – and not dying!
  5. Ben making me a fantastic curry with coconut milk and sweet potato and spinach – sweet, spicy, rich and flavourful, just how I like my food.

This is why I love these Sunday reviews – I have been tired and cranky this week from going back to work, my stomach hasn’t been the happiest of stomachs, I was given a terrible lunch at my work training day (yes it was nice that I was given my own “vegan” sandwich platter, but it would have been nice if it had consisted of more than bread and lettuce)… But when I sit down to write the week’s highlights I can barely narrow it down there have been so many nice things about this week!

Next week should be a long and tiring week at work, and my first full week back at training which, after today, may well be quite tough! However, I look forward to seeing how many good things I can pull out of it this time next week.

Hope everyone has had a good start to 2013 – I look forward to hearing what everyone got up to and what everyone is looking forward to in these notoriously tiring and stressful few weeks!