Putting my food where my mouth is

Firstly, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a happy and peaceful 25th December nonetheless.

So I have had a lot to say lately about how to limit the damage of the festive season on your hard work of training and sensible eating. I hope I made it clear that I had no intention of being well-behaved today, but that I mainly didn’t want to make myself sick or overrun with guilt.

So, a totally honest and complete update from me and how I put my recommendations into practice for an enjoyable and guilt-free day of treats.


Before breakfast, an easy 25min walk

1 scoop protein, 1 small (5cm long) slice of baguette with salted peanut butter, 1 miniature banana, 1 small piece (about 3 fingers’ worth) Christmas cake:

Yes, cake for breakfast!

Cake with dried fruit in it must be acceptable for breakfast, right?

Followed by 2 capsules of CNP Pro Lean and a cup of green tea

 Late morning

Cup of green tea

5 sets of 10 press-ups, 10 squats, 10 abdominals – all varied, but all slow and with full range of motion (i.e. nose to floor on each pressup, thighs just below parallel to the floor on each squat, abs slow and controlled with a squeeze at the peak of each rep)


No aperitif or nibbles for me

Small plate of beetroot salad in an oil, lemon juice, coriander and ginger dressing with toasted sunflower seeds (about a cup’s worth of mixture)

Vantastic Foods seitan duck breast-style slice in a sticky orange sauce, with cabbage cooked with clementine and walnuts

2 slices (each a good fingers’ width) chocolate yule log with coconut whipped cream filling and chocolate frosting:

Vegan yule logAlso had a clementine and a medjool date… Not sure why I was suddenly craving those two things!

Followed by 2 capsules of CNP Pro Lean and a cup of green tea


5 sets of 10 pressups and 10 squats… didn’t feel like doing any abs so I didn’t!

1 tablet Science in Sport Go Hydro in 500ml water


1 very small plate leftover beetroot salad and cabbage-walnut mixture – about 1 large tablespoonful of each

1 slice (about 1 and a half fingers’ width) nut roast from last night

1 slice (a generous fingers’ width) chocolate yule log, and 1 slice Christmas cake, followed by  another medjool date

Cup of green tea

Late evening

I have just come in from a little 25min walk around the block. I have to say I love walking at night though I do struggle to get out there! However, as I was done with my eating for the day and there was nothing on TV, I was quite eager to get out and stretch my legs. Was hoping to see some pretty Christmas lights I hadn’t picked up on in the day but apparently people here haven’t hugely gotten into the Christmas spirit this year… I guess it’s pretty hard when it’s about 10 degrees outside!

It was so quiet and peaceful out, not as Christmassy as I’d have liked but I just let my imagination think of people lounging around in warm houses surrounded by their loved ones and delicious food… Unfortunately most probably not vegan…

Leading into the very small centre of the town

Bright lights doing nothing to disguise how quiet it is here!

Night walk main road

A very quiet main road

And the main road still as quiet on the way back!

And the main road still as quiet on the way back!

Just warmed up with a cup of Saveurs du Soir mint and licorice tea, and now going to have a good 20 minute stretch and get into bed.

I’m not even going to think about the amount of calories, simple carbs, and less-than-healthy fats that I have consumed today, but I did what I could to limit the damage without getting in the way of enjoying my day. To sum up:

  • 20 minutes of low-intensity exercise first thing in the morning and last thing at night
  • a small (i.e. manageable) amount of bodyweight resistance exercise to make sure my muscles aren’t melting away and to make the most of the excess calories consumed
  • had my treats when I wanted them, early in the day, rather than bingeing late at night
  • had my protein shake to ensure my body was still ticking over
  • drank plenty of green tea and took a thermogenic agent
  • stayed hydrated all day and enjoyed a range of different fruits and vegetables

Nothing on that list is much of a big deal, they are all small tweaks than anyone can do, but for perhaps the first time ever I have neither eaten so much I have felt uncomfortable, nor deprived myself until my brain was about to explode with desire and craving, nor exercised obsessively and compulsively. I have had a wonderful carefree day with my family and I still feel healthy and full of life – I hope anyone reading this can say the same, and if you do please do let me now what your strategy is, even if it’s not to have one at all.

Once again, merry Christmas, and I hope Santa brought you health, happiness, and plenty of delicious vegan treats!