Sunday thoughts

Wow, this post almost didn’t happen.

It’s been a busy week, with my rigid principle of “work only the hours you are paid for” going swiftly out of the window as I realised how much I had to do and how little time there was to do it. I figure it’s the final straight before ten whole days off with nowhere to be, nobody to see, and nothing to do, so I may as well. I might even enjoy my time off all the more for it.

Highlights this week include a two-hour MMA class of which about an hour was sparring – got a round in with the instructor which was an intense learning curve – finding out BodyArmour is vegan-friendly, actually not doing too badly on a press-up circuit in Wednesday’s conditioning class, an afternoon of cooking and baking sweet festive treats, and our friends’ annual Christmas gathering.

So although I didn’t get home until 11pm tonight, and had to throw together some sort of lunch for the three days I will be working this week, as well as hang up my laundry and shower, I did feel that it was worth taking a moment to sit down and think about this week. The next three days are going to be fairly insanely busy too, so although I was tempted to throw myself into bed as soon as I had done all my “chores”, I think my mind needs to be actively taken to a better place before it can drift off into a restful state for the night.

New things I learnt this week

  1. When you are punched with enough force to cause concussion, your head rotates at a speed of roughly 20 miles per second. Take a second to let that sink in. In that second that you were thinking about that, if you had been hit in the face as soon as your eyes read the full stop, your head could have pretty much completed a marathon. Obviously this is if we forget about things like friction and all sorts of other physical laws, but that is still pretty terrifying. On a more positive note, it makes you appreciate just how strong the human body is!

New things I have eaten this week

  1. I have finally bought some coconut oil to start cooking with, as I think it’ll make a nice change from olive oil every so often, and despite being a saturated fat it comes with all sorts of too-good-to-be-true-sounding health benefits.
  2. Carotino oil was on sale and was cheaper than the supermarket own-brand olive oil, so I thought why not try that out too, and vary things in my cooking a little bit. Haven’t yet used it, but have sautéed the tempeh I am having for lunch this week in it, and added a little to the leftover kale salad I will also be having.
  3. My friend gave me a packet of Lazy Day Millionaires Shortbread as part of my Secret Santa gift. I have been eyeing them up for years (I wish that was an exaggeration) but never really had an opportunity or excuse to buy them, and also was sceptical as to how  good something vegan and gluten-free could be, but they are incredible! Caramel is good, shortbread is good, chocolate is good, all in just the right proportions… My mouth is watering again.
  4. I finally got the food processor out for the first time since I have lived in London (over two years now) and made some festive treats… Photos and recipes/guidelines/vague ideas to follow!

Other highlights this week

  1. As above, but also I did the last of my Christmas shopping on Saturday in a pretty stress-free manner, and am now just excited about giving everyone their gifts.
  2. I received my order of Science in Sport Go Hydro from SportPursuit… 8 tubes of 20, should hopefully last me a while. A post on supplements I would recommend, and ones I wouldn’t bother with, is on my list of upcoming topics to write about.
  3. I watched (most of…) Beyond Thought, a documentary about awareness, and the importance of taking note of how we are aware of ourselves and the things around us. I would class myself as a fairly “aware” person, but it’s always nice to sit down and hear other people’s thoughts and experiences, especially in the midst of a busy week. Very relevant to training, diet, health and wellbeing – so basically everything everyone should think about at some point in their lives.
  4. I had cookies for breakfast this morning. Chocolate-covered cookies. Yep. In bed. Your personal trainer, ladies and gents. I also had a Naked smoothie, not because I was under any illusion that it would counterbalance the effects of the cookies but because I just plain wanted it. And it was delicious, and exactly what I wanted.

And I think I had better leave it at that for now. What’s interesting is that I had forgotten about most of those things. It’s amazing how much you can achieve in a week and then forget about.

So again I put the question to do, what were the highlights of your week, and what are you looking forward to next week?