Going with the flow

Well you’ve all heard my monologues about the importance of preparation, so I’m just going to turn your world upside down and write a post about what happens when you just can’t really prepare.

Or when, despite your best efforts, things still go wrong.

Because on a day when from the moment you wake up it rains relentlessly all day, something is clearly going to go wrong at some point. Despite the whole getting soaked thing, which really is all part of the plan when you live in London.

So breakfast was cool – woke up a little earlier and a little hungrier than planned, but oats, soy milk, cinnamon, ground flax, and blackstrap molasses can’t really go wrong. In bed. With green tea. Yeah, that’s definitely my favourite way to start the day.

Today’s mission was to head over to the other side of London to Secret Society of Vegans in King’s Cross, to buy a vegan belt. I know, I know… I have been vegan for over three and a half years and still fastened a strip of cow around my hips every day. Don’t think I wasn’t aware of this. But time, money, and – yes I’ll say it downright pickiness – prevented me from the belt I had. And it’s not that I now have plenty of money or time, but I have spent so much money recently that another £20 or so doesn’t really make a difference this month, and as for time, well, it was totally worth the hour-long Tube journey (during which I snacked on an apple and a piece of the chocolate Justine sent me in my UK Vegan Food Swap box) and getting completely soaked in the miserable grey rain, to no longer feel a little bit of my soul die every time I reach for my old belt.

I have been eating so many snacks and treats lately that I actually, rather disappointingly, didn’t feel like picking up any of the various tantalising treats on offer at SSOV. I have never seen such a small place full of such a vast array of vegan junk food and apparel! Ben, however, (the non-vegan…) bought himself a box of Scheider’s Danish-Style Biscuits and a Chocolate Cream Dame Blanche Biscuit… which it turned out was for me, as he hates chocolate cream biscuits. Hahahaha ❤

And then this is where things started to go a little bit pear-shaped. Ben was hungry, then not hungry, then hungry again. I wanted to eat, but wasn’t hungry and had no idea what I was in the mood for. And we were in King’s Cross, where we had the choice between aluminium-chair cafés or big chains. So we just settled for a Pret since I know they have a vegan-friendly salad… of course it’s a bloody so-called “Superfood” Salad. For someone who hates the whole “superfood” and “detox” craze, I sure end up ordering a whole lot of those options… Anyway, so that was alright, not exactly thrilling. And you have to pay an extra 85p to “eat in” which means they put your stuff on a tray. No kidding, that is literally the only difference.

Things started falling back into place when I realised I could walk to my best friend’s, thus saving myself a £1.35 bus fare and the frustration of having to wait for a bus in the rain. I was met with a cup of green tea, and I destroyed my new biscuit. Perfect for a rainy day.

Unfortunately the pièce de resistance of our Saturday, Ben’s homemade curry which we were building up to, which he was timing to perfection to be ready for when I walked in the door, was somewhat disastrously foiled by the discovery that his gas had run out, and his housemate/landlord had gone home to Brighton with the key in his pocket… So no curry. No apple crumble either 😦

But what can you do but go with the flow…? Luckily there is a fairly decent Indian around the corner so we got takeaway, but after a few weeks of eating home-cooked food and eating out at fairly healthy whole-food-centred places (Manna, Wholefoods, Chipotle…), I realise how greasy and salty takeaway food is. As you all know I love my silver linings, at least it reminds me why I like to eat healthy homemade food! (not to mention that I have now spent almost £150 this month on eating out, versus about £60 worth of groceries… oops)

I think the plan was to try and improvise some sort of microwaved dessert, but as it is now 11pm and we are both firmly moulding into the bed and feeling very full, it doesn’t look like that’ll be happening either. If it does, though, I will have my camera at the ready – my plan was to be good and take loads of delicious food photos today but nothing I ate was particularly exciting or photogenic.

Hopefully though this is just setting me up for a week of culinary successes; I think I will attempt some sort of creamy pasta sauce to have with my white spelt tagliatelle for lunch this week, so if that works I will hopefully get some photos up!

So I guess the moral of the day’s story is…

When life gives you lemons… order takeaway

What do you do when things don’t go the way you had planned?