Saturday Snackurday

If it feels like every post you read on here is about some treat or another that I am currently feasting on, you’d be right – I have been incredibly spoilt these past few weeks!

So it’s only fair that I start taking some photos to share with all of you.

Unfortunately I gobbled up the lunch I had at Wholefoods before taking a photo. Usually disappointed with food from Wholefoods, finding it bland and overpriced, I loved my £5.49 tofu dish, with Hoisin aubergine, zucchini and brown rice, topped with salad vegetables, teriyaki sauce, chili flakes and crushed peanuts. My theory, as I explained to Ben, is that their salads try to be too healthy; to make a salad healthier than your average salad, you need to remove dressings and oils, so they end up bland and dry. However, to make an Oriental dish healthy but still Oriental, you can simply remove the MSG, and reduce the oil and soy sauce overload which are fairly unnecessary in such large amounts when you get them from takeaways, so it’s healthier but still tasty. Does that make sense? Never mind, the important thing is my lunch was really good and actually, for once, decent value for money in my opinion.

However, I was keen to do better on my next meal of the day:

A casual Saturday night in

Doesn’t that just warm you up on a cold November evening?

Warming up was actually just what I needed, having to work for 3 hours on my Saturday night, signing 16-year-olds in to an overnight event, standing in the cold night, finally getting home to Ben at 10 o’clock at night to see this beauty being plated up.

What we have there, ladies and gentlemen, is seitan and sweet potato in a South African curry blend with coconut milk and peppers, served with a side of oven-roasted vegetables and fried polenta fingers (if I were cooking that for myself though, I would call it “seitan and vegetables with a sort of spicey coconutty sauce, with roasted vegetables and polenta”, proving that really anyone can cook fancy stuff if you know the right words to use!). If you ask nicely I might be able to get the recipe off Ben – I’m loathe to ask in case I find myself with no excuse not to make it myself next time!

So that, of course, was delicious, and we finished off with a home blend of Blueberry Bliss rooibos and Citrus Lavender Sage herbal tea which went very well with the Vantastic Foods white chocolate with raspberry that I got in my Vegan Food Swap box.

But the best news is that Ben made me enough to box up for the rest of the week! So after today’s training session, I only had to cook up some barley to add to soak up all of that delicious coconut sauce, and throw something together for a fourth lunch – I am taking a morning off in lieu for my work on Saturday night, so I figure on that day I will probably have a late breakfast/brunch and then a few snacks which will easily see me through to my early evening training session – and I was ready to go!

Colleagues are going to be so jealous – wonder why they still haven’t started making their own food?!

The one in the top left corner is the last two remaining veggie sausages in my freezer, with some barley and the rest of Saturday night’s roasted vegetables.

As for the rest of the polenta, this is what happened to it:

Yep. It got fried in the oil from my jar of sundried tomatoes (please don’t tell me you pour that stuff down the sink), and served with my pretty standard one-pan meal of aubergine, kale, tomatoes and chicken-style chunks, all cooked up with plenty of smoked paprika and Tabasco (original and smoked), topped with tahini, more smoked Tabasco, and cracked black pepper. To be honest, even just the look of it, with the vibrant reds and yellows and green, and the charring of the aubergine, and the smokey waft rising from it was enough to make me happy, but you’ll be glad to know it was also delicious.

So that almost concludes my weekend of delicious healthy food… Just need to find one final snack along with the last serving of my new MyProtein Vegan Blend, and then in to bed with one last cup of tea and Food,

Bring it on, week, I am ready to face you now! (though already looking forward to next weekend)

Who else has spent their weekend making good food? Do you enjoy it all on the weekend or do you save it for the busy week ahead?