The vegan way to kill bacteria

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a philosophical post about whether or not killing bacteria is vegan (likewise, apologies if that’s what you were hoping for).

As Sunday is laundry day, I couldn’t help but notice that most of my technical sports clothing has come out of the wash still smelling of sweat.

Now I am a pretty clean person and although usually people who say that are deluded, my friends have often commented on my lack of body odour. So I find it especially annoying that ever since I have started grappling, I seem to constantly smell in the gym and I can’t guarantee that it is my own body odour and not that of one of the many sparring partners who, in a nutshell, rub their sweat all over me.

By the way, I would also like to point out that vegans and vegetarians have been found to have less pungent body odour than meat-eaters. It’s something I had heard for years and been sceptical about, but which has actually been studied and confirmed in a Czech experiment. Anyway, that’s not my main point but just an interesting aside.

I used to use the Cooperative own brand laundry liquid as it is BUAV-approved and vegan-friendly. I tried a sport-specific laundry liquid in the past and noticed no difference. Then I experimented with branded laundry liquid and sadly, I have to say, the smell did get better and my clothes smelt fresher. However, the honeymoon is over and while I am not averse to buying new sports kit every so often, I would really rather avoid doing so.

So I asked on my trusty Vegan Fitness forum and have been recommended the use of white vinegar, which upon a little more internet searching seems to be a popular method. While I was prepared to spend more for a sports wash that had been recommended to me, I was a little worried about not finding a vegan-friendly one, but this is perfect – if it works (and don’t leave me smelling like a sweaty salad)!

I will obviously keep you posted on what I find, maybe after a few weeks of use, but if you know of any good remedies please please please let me know. In the meantime, I’ll just have to get really bloody good at grappling so that it doesn’t matter how bad I smell.