Updates and downdates

I thought there was no such thing as a downdate, but on double-checking I found out there is, and it sounds pretty traumatic – if you’re a computer, at least – so rest assured there is nothing traumatic about this post.

Unless you happen to hate my new header photo, that is. I thought I’d go for something a little more autumnal-looking (although the salad in question was actually made in July), and a little more relevant (as I made it myself, and I do love talking about food – oh and I made it to bring to a party and it was pretty much the first thing to go, despite me being the only vegan, and I do love talking about how much non-vegans love vegan food even though they’ll never admit it).

Anyway… the reason I chose the word “downdate” is because although this is an update, there hasn’t been a huge amount going on, nothing going significantly “upwards”. It has been a week of hard studying for me with my NSCA-CPT exam in barely over a week, and being off work with nothing to do but study and train has done me wonders. I have gone back to a varied diet (I normally eat pretty much the same thing every day, just for the convenience of preparing food for the whole week on the Sunday night and of not thinking about what to make every night coming home late from the gym), and as I am actually sleeping enough as my body wants me to, it’s not trying to signal to me to eat carbs all day long so I actually think I’ve gotten just a tiny little bit leaner which is always good for the ego!

As I managed to knuckle down and do a fair bit of studying tonight after work, I thought it was time I got to work again on this blog, so you’ll see I have added a section on my training. I hope you find it interesting or inspiring but if not, well, it’s always good for me to have a written record of what I spend 6-10 hours doing each week!

So that’s the main thing, but while I’m here I may as well add a little note in relation to my post on preparation, also prompted by Danielle’s (HealthyKitschyVegan) post on disappointing food at work – had a training day at work today, nothing was said about lunch so as usual I packed my own meals and snacks. At lunch time, I was told somewhat apologetically by the training coordinator that the vegan option provided by the caterers was “a rather plain salad” with a jacket potato and baked beans… for two vegans. To be honest I was just impressed that there was another vegan in the company! But still, as she offered me half a jacket potato, I couldn’t help but feel quietly smug at the thought of my homemade mixed salad and Linda McCartney sausages sitting in my bag with a soy yoghurt 🙂

Dinner tonight was aubergine, okra, tomato and a tiny leftover bit of soy mince, with some paprika, Encona Hot Pepper Sauce and tahini drizzled over the lot… It’s sort of my go-to combination of seasonings and condiments but the whole thing just turned out even better than I was expecting tonight. Then again, my late-night guilty pleasure snack of straight-up almond butter tasted better than usual too, so maybe my tastebuds are just having their own little party in there. May have to throw some chocolate in there too just to give them a real wild Friday night, what do you think?


One thought on “Updates and downdates

  1. Danni says:

    Hey there! Good for you on starting to put even more into your training – that’s great! Make use of that downtime 🙂 I think its cool cool that you’re doing that Jiu Jitsu, I’ve always wanted to try that sort of things (the closest gym around here that offers classes is an hour a way…too long a drive for me!). Sorry to hear about your less-than-great lunch. I hate when catering companies just don’t cater well to vegans, or even straight-up vegetarians. There are so many things out there that they can provide besides a plain salad! Oy… #veganproblems 😉

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