Silver linings

So most people would class today as a truly miserable day. It has rained literally nonstop all day, and I genuinely think in the five years I have lived in the UK, I could count the number of times it has rained solidly for a whole day on one hand.

But you know what, I have kind of enjoyed it. Yep. Not only because it’s nice to see the London weather actually commit to something for once, instead of its usual intermittent half-hearted drizzle, but because on a day like today, you just have to let it all go. You have to accept that you just won’t be able to run around London fulfilling errands, and you have to find other little pleasures to keep you happy throughout the day.

Which is why after a long indulgent lie-in, my day began with a long stint in bed – watching last night’s UFC with a big bowl of porridge with cinnamon, sunflower seeds and blackstrap molasses and a lot of green tea. Then I perused for a while, listening to Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash songs, trying to decide what teas to ask Ben for when he goes to Vegas for work in a few months. So far, I am thinking of going for:

Have you ever tried any of the Teavana teas? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Anyway I’m very excited about trying all of those! Looks like I should have one for every mood and for every possible health benefit!

After training, which did involve a fair bit of trudging through the rain, I headed over to a friend’s new place which is a very cute homely little one-bed tucked off a busy street in West London, and enjoyed the post-training contented laziness combined with the luxury of not having to rush home to make lunch for the whole week. But when it got time to leave “to have dinner and study”, I realised I had no desire to cook with or eat any of the usual things I throw together hurriedly every evening after a day of work and training. So with yesterday’s post in mind, I decided to explore the huge Costcutter Oriental Supermarket in Bayswater, which I had always wanted to shop in when I lived in that area. I really wish I had done so earlier! Cauldron can take their £2 tofu and stick it… This is what I brought home for £16:

800g frozen tempeh (£6.38)
800g fresh tofu (£1.59)
200g deep fried tofu (£1.69)
190g okra (£1.38)
560g pak choi (£2.25)
207ml sesame oil (£2.89)
and 170g fresh ginger (47p)

And then as I got home at about 9.30pm and was quite tired and hungry, I just sort of threw most of that at a pan with some mushrooms I had lying around in the fridge and some soy sauce, and 15 minutes later (including time to make a big pot of tea and do my washing up), I sat down with this:

The best bit about it, unfortunately, doesn’t come out in a photo and the kitchen lighting isn’t really set up for food photography, but it’s the generous drizzle of sesame oil. For years I had resisted buying any, telling myself it was a frivolous luxury, but my goodness does it make all the difference. Don’t skimp on the details and quality ingredients! I need to get that tattooed to my hand or something because I am the worst for cutting culinary corners, but here it is in black and white so hopefully I learn my own lesson.

Can’t wait for my next shopping trip to get some more frivolous additions to the kitchen cupboard!