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So this blog has been pretty quiet, as life has resumed after a week’s holiday and apparently London eats up any spare time you thought you may have at the end of each day.

But I am planning things for this blog!

MyProtein have a new soy-free vegan protein out, a blend of pea, brown rice and hemp proteins at a reasonable price and with a flavouring option (so far the only flavoured vegan protein they have is soy – if you want to go soy-free, you’ve got to go flavour-free too) which I will be trying out on my next order.

More importantly, I have just signed up for Two Happy Vegans’ UK Vegan Food Swap! I have a month to psyche myself up for it and to peruse health food stores for £10 worth of exciting treats to send a fellow UK vegan – I’m very excited but also a little nervous as it’s the first event of this kind I’ve taken part in, but I’m sure it’ll be fine because I’m much better at buying treats for other people than I am for myself! And I’m certainly very good at eating treats other people get me. I’m also looking forward to being able to try new products and write about them. Basically I’m just excited about the whole thing!

Another thing I think I’m going to do is sign myself up for Vegan Month of Food 2012 in October. It’ll be tough for me to post 20 times in a month, but there’s no real reason I can’t make it happen and it’ll be the perfect way to kickstart my blog. Will need to get my act together and get taking and uploading photos too, to liven this place up a bit. Half the time I spend on the internet is spent looking at beautiful photos of delicious vegan food!

Also planning to write a section with some reviews of vegan and non-vegan restaurants, not just to write about the food as there’s plenty of information about that, but about my experience as a whole – how knowledgeable and helpful the staff were, how creative they were when challenged to create a vegan dish, and so on. I’m always surprised at where I end up eating my best (and worst!) vegan meals so think it might be worth sharing.

And lastly, I’ve got plenty more training and nutrition posts that I’m hoping to put together sooner rather than later, so please do keep watching this space!

As always, any thoughts or comments greatly valued and appreciated 🙂

2 thoughts on “Coming soon…

  1. Sue says:

    And creative mothers? A friend said to me the other day “Is your daughter still vegan? My son’s vegan now too. It’s really not difficult cooking for a vegan, is it? Don’t know why people make such a fuss.” So there.

    • mouchelux says:

      Excellent! You are right though, you definitely deserve a mention here. I do always tell people who ask how/why/when I became vegan, that I couldn’t have done it without your support and culinary skills.
      You are fantastic, mum x

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